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What our customers say...

"Thank you for introducing me to RV Logic! It has been a great help to our office and our sales. Being a small business, it's important that our staff can easily access the deal tools to give a customer a quote, see the profit, and be able to quickly quote and record their conversations on the computer. I'm certain it has increased our sales and our ability to provide good customer service since we are all sharing our information easily in the office.
The support staff has been great by responding to our questions and issues almost imediately. Our accounting is organized and we see our profit on the deal, the week or the year with only a few clicks!
I have to tell you that the thing that makes the investment so worthwhile for our smaller dealership is that when I have a question, I call someone and they know me. They are familiar with our system and our dealership and anything specific to my needs is either solved or planned for in the upcoming versions. That kind of help is what I need to be sure I am tracking my sales, seeing where I can improve and planning for the most profitable year possible. Since we are not a "mega-dealer", I had my doubts as to whether the investment would be wise for us.
I can now honestly recommend RV Logic to anyone wanting to set up a reliable system that makes us a more profitable company and allows me to go home earlier every evening!
I just wanted to say thank you for your help and support even a year and a half after the sale!"

PJ Buerger, Owner, Princesscraft Campers